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I don't know if this is old to everyone else, but it is definitely INCREDIBLY important, so I doubt anyone will be too angry if I'm just repeating old posts:

Jesse Thorn, America's Radio Sweetheart, recently Twittered a link to this amazing picture of a young Hodgman and Coulton in graduation robes.
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Hodgman on WWDTM

John Hodgman was the "Not My Job" guest on NPR's Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! this week and they, in a stroke of genius, gave him a quiz about the history of Microsoft.

There's also a seven-minute interview before they get to the quiz and it's very funny. The host of Wait Wait, Peter Sagal, is a Hodgfan as well, and they have a great rapport.

You can go to the show's page here and scroll down to "Not My Job" to listen to Hodgman's segment.

in the pocket of Big Cardigan

Some more Hodgman interviews and articles!

The Boston Phoenix interview is my favorite because it includes a nice discussion of humor, politics and news, and also info about working with The Daily Show and This American Life.

Humorist/author John Hodgman "verifies" the facts of his life
Chicago Tribune
Key Line: "Hodgman: Accuracy = 98 percent. I did indeed work at Writers House, a beautiful brownstone in Chelsea, but I should also point out that I took some of the greatest naps of my life there. (It's also where I discovered Dr. John's Bathroom Reader, an important influence on my own work). Luckily for my dedicated colleagues, I soon left and stopped distracting everybody. "

Hodgman wants you to worry that he’s nuts
Metro Boston
Key Line: "'My concern was that the first book was so relatively short that it didn’t help people to believe that I was crazy,' he deadpans. 'It could have been the sort of book a sane person would write while pretending to be crazy. And while I am not crazy, I wanted people to worry that I was.'"

Q&A with John Hodgman
Time Magazine
Key Exchange:
"It turns out that one of the candidates is a hobo."
"Is it Joe Biden?"
"As somebody who has ridden the trains, gone to work on Amtrack back and forth, back and forth, that whole thing, he very well may be the first hobo member of our executive branch."

Mr. Misinformation: John Hodgman
New York Magazine
Key Line: "I’m a personality—like a George Plimpton who effectively plays himself in a bunch of different roles, or a Paul Lynde–type character. I would be good for maybe not the center square but an upper square on Hollywood Squares."

One Man's Operating System
The Boston Phoenix
Key Line: "What amuses me, particularly when we’re talking about historical stuff, is using absurdity or exaggeration simply to remind us how absurd reality actually is and was. The idea that Jimmy Carter actually went on television to tell us to turn down our thermostats and wear a sweater, and he did that wearing a sweater, is so bizarre. It’s so removed from what we consider political reality today that it seems like it must have been a dream. One of those weird 'I was eating peaches with Jimmy Carter and then Ralph Waldo Emerson walked in and told us both to get lost' sort of dreams."

The Hot Seat: John Hodgman
Time Out New York
Key Line: "You have to understand that there is a John Hodgman that exists in the book and then there’s a John Hodgman who exists in Brooklyn, or what we refer to as actual reality. The overlap between those two universes is pretty strong. So while I am decidedly dressed down for an afternoon lunch in Park Slope, it is largely to accommodate you, a freelance magazine writer, something I used to be. I remember how very little money I had and what poor fashion sense, so I didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable."

Keep your eyes out for more articles, and also for a small icon post hopefully coming soon.

brain candy

Hello Hodgfans!

I know things have been pretty dead on the community for awhile, but now the new book is out and there's lots of Hodgnews going around. Thanks to giggleloop for getting the ball rolling with this post, and here's what I've got:

  • More Information Than You Require is on Amazon right now for $15 plus shipping. And if you don't own AOME or want to get it for someone else, you can get them both together for $20. That's a crazy good deal! No one's posted a customer review of the book on Amazon yet, so remember to go back and write some good comments when you finish reading. Link

  • New interview with John Hodgman over at Wired Magazine. I like that picture they used, too. Link

  • picked John Hodgman as their latest guestblogger and he's written 3 posts so far:

    -GOOD EVENING: introductory post
    -THIS IS NOT SELF PROMOTION: about the new undertaking to illustrate all 700 Molemen
    -A VERY DELICATE TIME: about Kaki King and the Mountain Goats

  • BoingBoingTV has also featured Hodge and the new book in some recent episodes. Make sure you stick around to the end of "This is not a book trailer Part 2" for a scandalous image, hahaha. Link

  • The New York Post has a short Q&A with The Hodge about some books in his library. Link

  • Of course it's not a John Hodgman update without a Daily Show clip.
There should be more reviews, articles, interviews and tour dates coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled and post them when you see them!

And just curious, who already has the new book?